Request for local MP position on recent planning applications 15/02708/OUT and 15/02682/OUT

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Bramley Parish Council has issued statements with respect to the planning applications 15/02708/OUT and 15/02682/OUT which are for housing developments North and South of the C32 in Bramley Parish.

There have also been requests from Parish Councillors and residents to ask our local MP for his position with regards to these planning applications.

Below, you will find a copy of the email sent to Ranil Jayawardena MP (for North Hampshire).

From: Anthony Durrant <Bramley Parish Council Chairman>
Date: 18 September 2015
Subject: Development applications in the Parish of Bramley Hampshire
To: Ranil Jayawardena MP, Bramley Parish Clerk 

Dear Sir

As Parish Council chairman I have been asked by members of the Council and many residents to ask you the following question. The question is:

In your as capacity as our M.P. will you please confirm that you object to the current planning applications, BDBC references 15/02708/OUT and 15/02682/OUT, for housing development north and south of the C32 in Bramley Parish?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter.

Tony Durrant
Bramley Parish Council Chairman

There has been no response to our request as of yet but we will post any response as soon as we receive it.

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