Planning and Development Committee Minutes 5th November 2012

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Bramley Parish Council November 5th 2012

Minutes of planning and Development committee meeting.


Present: Committee members Cllr. Durrant, Cllr. Wood, Cllr. Murphy, Cllr. Bell

Also present Cllr. Holland, 1 member of the public

1: None


2: Minutes of last meeting approved.


3: Planning application

BDB/77083 - no objections

BDB/77095 - no objections

BDB/77157 - no objections

BDB/77086 - The majority (3 to 1) objected to this application. It was expressed that at a precedent had been established (after appeal) on an adjacent property. However the majority felt that this was an inappropriate modification to the property.

BDB/77144 – There was objection to the location of the air conditioning units relative to adjacent property. The owner of the properties expressed to Cllr Bell that he was not happy with the design as presented and was taking issue with the applicants. Given this fact, whilst in principle the PDC did not object it could NOT give a final verdict until the owner of the properties has resolved the issues with the applicant. If the air conditioning units were sited away from the adjacent property, in principle, there was no objection.

Accolade case EC/12/00297. – The enforcement officer will be attending the site on Wednesday 7th November with Cllr Durrant.


4: Item 4 was due to meeting times being altered at short notice, replaced by item 5.


The committee thanked Parish Cllr Holland for attending the meeting.
Cllr Holland was invited to attend on behalf of the CWC to explore the infrastructure requirements should further development be allocated to Bramley Parish by BDBC.
Concerns were raised over the full spectrum of Bramley’s infrastructure to cope with existing expansion let alone further developments.

The following infrastructure areas were identified:-

1) Parking. There is no suitable general parking space in Bramley to cope with existing demands. Cllrs Holland and Wood are to identify current and futures needs and to provide options.

2) Schools – Cllr Bell will liaise with the school.

3) Medical/Healthcare – Cllr Wood will work with the surgery practise Manager to establish future needs should development occur in Bramley Parish.

4) Transportation, including Rail, road, Bus services and pedestrian needs. Cllr Holland to establish impacts and future needs related to SHLAA plans/proposals.

5) We need to identify a sponsor from the Parish Council for the provision of utilities to service further expansion.

Overall the PDC want to establish a matrix identifying the relationship between dwelling/population expansions with basic infrastructure changes required to service that expansion.


Cllr Durrant presented a draft of a document identifying Bramley’s expansion in comparison to that of the Borough. The committee asked Cllr Durrant to complete the study and submit to Parish and Borough Cllrs and the BDBC P&I committee and Cabinet.


There was a request from Mr Morton to include SHLAA detail in a simplified form on the Parish website. Cllr Durrant has undertaken to provide an update for inclusion in the website.


Item 4 Neighbourhood development Plan

Syd Abraham from the Sherbourne St John Parish Council was invited to share with the PDC their experiences and to highlight the advantages of a joint NDP.
Mr Abraham presented a very compelling case for a) developing a NDP and b) working with other Parishes to share limited resources, costs etc. The passion that Sherbourne St John has to protect its Parish from inappropriate developments was well presented and inspirational. Bramley must decide its way forward, however, the PDC have agreed to work with Sherbourne St John (and other Parishes) in the production of a NDP. Cllr Bell will lead this initiative.


The meeting closed at 19:35.

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