Committee Terms of Reference

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Bramley Parish Council
Planning and Development Committee Terms of Reference

The Chairman to be elected annually by the Committee.
The Terms of Reference to be reviewed annually to ensure continued relevance to the community.
All members to attend relevant planning training sessions.

Main Functions

  • To consider local planning applications and other planning issues relating to the Parish.
  • To seek to ensure that the general environment within the Parish is monitored, so far as is possible and to report to the appropriate authority any potential hazards, breaches, etc.
  • To bear in mind environmental aspects when considering planning applications.
  • To seek to ensure high standards to planning for all new developmental activity within the Parish and to seek to ensure that any development is commensurate with the character of the Parish.
  • To investigate the processes for Neighbourhood Planning and make a proposal to full council.


  • The Planning and Development Committee is constituted as a Standing Committee of Bramley Parish Council. The Committee composition shall be 4 Councillors as voting members with three members of the Planning Committee constituting a quorum.
  • Should any of the 4 parish councillors not be able to attend a Planning Committee meeting it is their responsibility to inform the Clerk in good time and make arrangements for a substituted Cllr to attend in their place so that the meeting shall remain quorate.
  • The Committee has delegated executive powers to consider householder planning applications pertaining to Bramley Parish and to respond to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.
  • Full planning applications or applications which may affect the overall environment or atmosphere of a local area shall be referred to the full Parish Council. Any two Councillors may request an application be deferred for a meeting of the Full Parish Council.
  • A time sensitive response may be made by the Committee Chairman or Clerk following a majority decision by the Committee.
  • The Committee has delegated powers to further research and investigate the processes for establishing a Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or a Neighbourhood Development Order and to make a recommendation to the full parish Council for a vote on funding such a scheme for Bramley. Depending on outcome of this vote, to manage the production of such a NDP/NDO on behalf of Bramley with the full involvement of the community and support of the Parish Council.
  • Minutes of all committee meetings and a record of all planning applications, the responses and eventual results shall be reported to the full council and noted in the minutes.
  • All correspondence shall be conducted through the Chairman or the Clerk of the Parish Council wherever possible.
  • The Planning Committee may canvas opinions for and against applications to assist with fair determination of applications. The Committee has an obligation to ensure that relevant parties are given an adequate hearing – applicants, as well as objectors, will have the opportunity to speak at meetings in accordance with the Parish Council Standing Orders.
  • Where an application is subject to an appeal, the Committee is authorised to make written representation or to elect a member of the Committee to attend the hearing.
  • Site meetings are arranged by BDBC as necessary and where notified of a site visit, at least one member of the planning committee should attend where possible.

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