Bramley Parish Council Update on Outcome of Development Control Meeting - 10th Feb 2016

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WEDNESDAY, February 10th, BDBC 18.30

This meeting was at Basingstoke and Deane Offices. On the agenda was the Planning Application for 50 houses on the Land to the North of Sherfield Road, Bramley, planning application 15/02708/OUT, Strawberry Fields.
The decision on this application had been deferred from the meeting on the 2nd December because members of the committee did not consider there was sufficient information available as regards flooding of the site. Leading up to the meeting, the developer on behalf of Stratfield Estate submitted further modifications to the plans and stated that there was no further comments to be made concerning a letter submitted by AAH, Planning Consultants directed by the Parish Council to carry out an independent Flood study of the Field, known locally as Strawberry Fields. This was a preliminary report prior to the Full report being available and submitted to BDBC on the morning of 10th February prior to the deadline of 10.00am. This report gives details concerning the flooding of the site and questions the boundaries of the flood plains, 1, 2 and 3. The report was not available to the members of the committee but at the meeting, the planning officer considered that there was no change as far as they were concerned in recommending acceptance of the development.
However, the consultants AAH made a presentation at the meeting and as a result the seeds were sown as regards questioning the boundaries of the flood plains.
The Parish Council has made repeatedly objections against this development as have responses from residents of Bramley summarised in the published papers under the headings

  • Objection to the principle of Development
  • Objection in respect of Affordable Housing
  • Objections in respect of Impact on Existing Infrastructure
  • Objections in respect of Highways and Access Matters
  • Objections in respect of Flooding Issues.

The Objections, although noted, were effectively dismissed by the planning officers directing the members to the paragraphs in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) with respect to Sustainable development, repeatedly stating that because of the lack of the 5 year land availability for sustainable development in the Borough, this application with the affordable housing would contribute to the shortfall of housing in the Borough and should be approved. Following on from these comments, officers quote “In light of all recent major residential planning application appeal decisions……… a refusal on these grounds would open the council up to costs application on this ground alone”.

The Impact on the quality of life of the residents of Bramley that this development will have is of little significance according to the Planning Officers against the contribution it will have to the housing shortage of the Borough, nothing directly to do with Bramley.

Approval was given to the development with only one committee member objecting, Cllr Chris Tomblin, Borough Councillor for Bramley and Sherfield on Loddon who knows only too well the beating that Bramley has taken as regards housing over the past years without any significant improvement in the Infrastructure to match the housing (Cllr Robinson supported Cllr Tomblin with his presentation to the Committee). It was given on the basis that the Consultants AAH directed by the Bramley Parish Council will through the Planning Officers submit the recent report to the Environment Agency to establish if the existing flood zone boundaries are correct. Depending on the outcome, the development will go ahead as planned or will have to be refined, but it is likely that it will go ahead besides all objections.

Bramley is not against development but has repeatedly requested that it be done in a structured manner with infrastructure improvements and that it is for the benefit of Bramley Parish residents and not purely in support of the Borough as a whole which cannot meet the 850 houses per year required because it cannot identify 5 year land availability.

The full application, the Planning Officers responses, PC Objections, residents objections can be seen in the report on the BDBC web site (A local copy can be found at the bottom of the page or by clicking here: Applications - Development Control Planning). The following is the web report, pages 31 to 100 of the report

The supplementary report with the PC responses and the consultant’s report are not available on the web site, but the above tells the story.

On behalf of Bramley Parish Council
Malcolm Bell, Vice Chair

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