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Commemorating the Royal Hampshire Regiment 1st August

Members of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, now the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment, wear the red Minden rose in their head-dress on the 1st August every year.  This is in memory of their parent regiment, the 37th Foot, who picked red roses on their return from the battle of Minden in 1759, having helped to defeat the French cavalry in Germany during the Seven Years’ War.  

We have our very own Minden rose growing in Bramley, and here it is, flowering in the gardens of the Royal British Legion Club. 

Our Roll of Honour in the church names eight young men of the Hampshire Regiment who died in the First World War.  They and all their comrades in the war would surely have worn a red rose on Minden Day, 1st August, to remember their forebears. 

The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment recruits in Hampshire and is now the senior English line infantry regiment.



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