Neighbourhood Planning Committee Agenda

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Neighbourhood Planning Committee



I HEREBY GIVE YOU NOTICE that the next meeting of the Neighbourhood Planning  Committee

 will be held in The Committee Room at Village Hall on 8th May 2013, at 7.00pm


Members of the Steering Committee are asked to attend





Members are reminded that Declarations of Interest should be made

at the appropriate point in the meeting




1.               Apologies

2.               Minutes of the Last Meeting

3.               Election of the Chair of the Steering Committee

4.               Election of the Vice Chair of the Steering Committee

5.               Report on the Neighbourhood Planning Web Site

6.               Summary of the Day Course  on Neighbourhood Plan Preparation

7.               State of Play of the Application to Locality for Support and Financial Funding

8.               The Draft Project Plan

9.               Listing of Issues facing Bramley , as seen by the Steering Group

10.            Formation of the different working groups to address the Issues facing Bramley,Listed at present in the Draft Project Plan as:-

1)    Housing

2)    Community Services

3)    Infrastructure

4)    Health and Well Being

11.        Terms of Reference for the Working Groups

12.        Targets for the Different Working Groups



Date of the Next Meeting


Malcolm Bell, Parish Councillor

Acting Chairman


Bookings Diary

 Clift Meadow

Village Hall

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