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It's that time of the year again when Spring draws near and garden and household work increases.
This happens to coincide with an increase in fly-tipping on our country lanes in and around Bramley.
Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste. It costs Bramley Parish Council and our borough and county councils many thousands which you as householders end up paying for.

You are responsible for your waste

Even if you pay someone to take your waste away, the responsibility for the correct disposal of that waste lies with you.

You can check the credentials of all licensed waste carriers on the Environment Agency website. If you can't find the details of your waste carrier on here, the chances are they are rogue traders.

Before you hand your waste over to someone else, make sure you know who they are and where the waste will be disposed.
Ask them where they will be disposing of your waste.

If you fail to check who will be handling your waste and don't know where it will be taken, you could be held responsible for the waste if it is fly-tipped. The duty of care is with the owner of the waste material.


  • Is a criminal activity that can seriously pollute watercourses and contaminates land.
  • Can be a risk to human health and harm wildlife and livestock.
  • Is unsightly, spoiling our communities and the quality of life for local residents.
  • Is seen as a major problem by over three-quarters of landowners and affects 67% of farmers.
  • Undermines legitimate waste management companies who are undercut by illegal operators.
  • Encourages others to dump more waste.

What to do if you see someone fly-tipping

If you are unlucky enough to see someone fly-tipping, first of all, do not put yourself at any risk. Only if safe to do so, try and obtain as much information as possible.

  • Record the day, date and time of the incident.
  • If any vehicles are involved, note down the make, model, colour and any registration number. (If safe to do so and you have a smart-phone, try and take pictures. But remember your phone might give away your location so remember not to put yourself at risk).
  • List details of what was being fly-tipped. Again putting your safety first, do not go through the rubbish as you may be exposed to dangerous/hazardous materials.
  • Record how much waste was dumped. (i.e. give a rough estimate:- rubbish bag, wheelbarrow full, boot or van load etc).
  • How many people were involved and what did they look like?

Report the fly-tipping by visiting:
That page will ask you for your postcode and will direct you to the most current link (more than likely on the Basingstoke and Deane Borough website).

On the Bramley Parish Council website, you'll find a link to report Fly Tipping in our Report It section.

If you find a large amount of fly-tipping, please call the Environment Agency's 24 hour incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60. This is a free number from any land-line; some charges may apply if you are calling from a mobile.

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