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Phase 4 Reserved Matters

Below you will find an online version of the response from Bramley Parish Council to Jon Bishop of Persimmon Homes with regards to the development at Minchens Lane (17/04282/RES).  A PDF of the full letter can be found at the bottom of the page.

You can view the planning application online at the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Portal here: 17/04282/RES

Dear Jon

17/04282/RES - Land at Minchens Lane Bramley – Phase 4 Reserved Matters

Thank you for giving Bramley Parish Council a chance to comment on the phase 4 proposals at Minchens Lane.

A very general comment from councillors is that the drawings do not show all the footpaths and play areas especially in the south west corner. This makes it difficult to visualise the finished site.

Councillors have concerns that pavement parking may become a problem in the north east corner of the site, as it already does in other parts of the development. The north/south footway and grassy area looks vulnerable. Is it possible to specify tall kerbs to alleviate the problem? On a similar vein the Allotment car park is likely to be used for estate parking, and the Parish Council would like some form of access control. Hopefully the green areas in the centre of the development will be constructed and planted to discourage parking. Due to the ongoing problems with travellers in the Parish, the green areas should be protected with robust defences.

The Regent design (plots 166,167,171,185 and 192) will be very intrusive due to the steeply pitched roof and the fact they are on the highest part of the site. You only need to look at plot 6 from Clift Meadow to understand Councillors’ concern. Whilst appreciating the steep pitch is needed in order to make the 2.5 story design work, it really is out of place in a rural setting. The only similar houses in Bramley are on the "German Road" development, which is used in the NDP as an example of inappropriate design. Could the roofline be at least softened with a little barn hipping? Street scene illustrations for the north/south and east/west axes would be very useful.

On the subject of barn hipping, could you confirm that plots 211 and 212 will be so treated, as the various drawings seem to offer conflicting information? Councillors also think that more of the rooflines could usefully be hipped to break up the ridge lines, especially where these lines are east/west and visible from Clift Meadow.

Detailed provision of the allotments will need to be discussed including the provision of a water supply and the quality of the soil.

Yours sincerely 

Maxta Thomas
Clerk to Bramley Parish Council


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