Bramley tree planting scheme, October 2012

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The village has sadly lost a few mature trees over the last couple of years, mainly due to disease. We are pleased to report that the County's arboriculture team are now planting some new trees, although not always in the same locations, and we are sure that over time they will greatly enhance the village atmoshpere.  


The trees, which are being planted during October 2012, are a selection of species which are native to Europe and include Oak, Field Maple, and a couple of Willows. They will be complimented by shrubs and flowers at the approximate locations and maintained by Hamsphire County Council on behalf of the village.


The Parish Council also has a 'tree warden' who will keep an eye on the new trees along with existing mature ones. Malcolm Bell, as part of the Planning and Development Committee is currently in this role.


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