Superfast Broadband for Bramley

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Bramley will benefit from the upgrade to the cabinet at Turgis Green


There is some confusion about the campaign for faster broadband, which is understandable because there are two current schemes and they have not fully connected together. Firstly, the scheme being promoted through Hampshire County Council is to supply faster broadband to around 115,000 premises across the County. This scheme is part funded by the Government and part funded by HCC and district partners, and there is a sign-up campaign for areas who wish to be upgraded. This campaign will prove to a commercial partner, who is currently being sought by HCC through a tender process, that they will have enough potential customers to take up the service.


However in Bramley we fall outside of that campaign, because BT has already decided that there is sufficient commercial demand to upgrade the exchange at Turgis Green. This means that Bramley and Sherfield do not need to continue to campaign for the HCC managed programme – we are already getting an upgrade and it will be fully funded commercially.


The Turgis Green cabinet is on BT’s list of ‘Planned Future Exchanges’ which means they have agreed to carry out the work, but the date has not yet been confirmed. We have been told it will be during 2013.


So, BT have agreed to provide ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ – which means the nearer you are to the exchange the more benefit you will see, as the old copper cables still connect the route from the cabinet into your premises. ‘Fibre to the Premises’, where all the cables to your home or business are replaced, is not currently being offered by BT in this area, and the costs of replacing the cables would have to be covered by the home or business owner.


How do you get it?

Now we know that during 2013 Bramley will have the benefit of super fast fibre to the cabinet at Turgis Green, if you want to buy into this service you need to sign up with a provider. Some will offer homeowners bundles with phone and TV packages so you can consider which service suits you the best.

This link will take you to some commercial pages if you want to start shopping around.


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