NOW COMPLETE! Cinder Track resurfacing

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The track, known locally as the Cinder Track, which provides safe walking access through the village currently has a closure notice in effect. This is so that the muddy end near to The Village Bakery can be surfaced, meaning that the many walkers, buggies, scooters and wheelchairs will no longer need to negotiate the uneven and muddy surface. This section was not done at the same time as the rest of the path because there is no clear ownership, but the Parish Council have persuaded Hampshire County Council (Highways) to make this section good. They have agreed to do this as a gesture for the community, so we are grateful to them for sorting out this nuisance problem for our residents.

The closure notice states that at some point within a period of up to 3 months, starting from 11th February, the track will be closed to enable the work to be carried out. It is not expected that the work will take more than one or two days once the contractors start work, and while it may be a nuisance for a short time, the result will surely be worth it. It can only be good to encourage more people to walk and leave their cars at home, and it is a great start to the day for children to scoot to school along this path, which is safely away from traffic.

Some concerns have been raised by a resident who lives very close to the Cinder Track about nuisance behaviour in the area, particularly the use of motorised vehicles along the newly surfaced track. The Parish Council are talking to HCC and our PCSOs about this and if necessary may consider some barriers. However any such arrangements would have to still allow ease of passage for double buggies and wheelchairs so it may be that they do not achieve the desired result. If you notice any undesirable behaviour along the Cinder Track, please call 101 to report it, so that the level of problem can be assessed.

Please also take pride in your environment and bin your litter! There are some litter bins along the track, which can also be used to dispose of dog mess, but there are many complaints about litter and dog fouling along the track and our litter warden cannot patrol the area every day. If your children use the track to walk to school, please remind them to use the litter bins provided. 

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