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Bramley Parish Council Commemorative Celebrations

The Commemorative celebrations of the Ending of World War I have begun with the silhouettes being positioned across the village.  The silhouettes are near life-size and in addition to the iconic image of a "Tommy" there are equally significant representatives of the communities to whom the nation says thank you.  Besides “Tommy” we have the RAF/RFC, Navy and suffragettes who led the fight for votes for women.  The last one is trying to represent all women in all works of life who helped make us the nation we are today.  There is an addition to come which is representing the Medical support given to all of those people who fought for our TODAY. 

A commemorative bench is also being made which will be positioned within the village for all to appreciate and for residents of Bramley to place their poppies etc. at the appropriate time.  This is in addition to the existing commemorative Roll of Honour plaque in St James Church.

Battles Over - November Tribute

This all leads up to 11th November when we light the Beacon on Clift Meadow at 19.00 hrs along with hundreds of other beacons across the country to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ending of the First World War.  It will be lit by a resident of Bramley whose family made the ultimate sacrifice and lost one of their family in a later conflict.  Another part of the commemorations on Clift Meadow will be a Bugler sounding the LAST POST, the NATIONAL ANTHEM, followed by a Soup Kitchen, nibbles and music.

At 19.05 hrs the bells of St James Church will peel along with other church bells across the country.

We trust that the residents of Bramley appreciate what is being done and respect the bench once it is in place.  As a Parish Council the positioning of the bench has not been finalised so your ideas would be appreciated.  E mail Bramley Parish Clerk with your views - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is all happening in addition to the commemorative church services at St James Church on 11th November.

Please enjoy the silhouettes, appreciate what we are trying to do and join us on 11th November at Clift Meadow around 18.30 hrs in time for the lighting of the beacon at 19.00 hrs.

Thank You

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