Budget and Precept 2012-2013

Bramley Parish Council met on 21st November 2011 to agree a budget for the following financial year. This resulted in no increase to the Parish Precept request, so this element of your community charge bill will be frozen.

We have been informed that the grants we receive from the Borough Council for litter clearing and grass cutting will continue this year, although they will be frozen. We have also been able to carry-over some funds and we are well on the way to accumulating enough resources to develop a new allotment site. This in turn will allow us to extend the burial ground within the next 4-5 years as necessary.During this coming year, we hope to have assessed the planning requirements for these projects, and by 2013 we expect to have set aside enough funding to develop a new allotment site. There is a lot of work to be done to ensure the success of these projects before we get to this stage, not least of which is the public consultation process which will give all our residents an opportunity to view the plans and make their comments. We hope to begin this process early in 2012, as soon as we have some plans to present, so please look out for notices of special public meetings.

We will continue to provide grants and donations to local facilities such as the Clift Meadow Trust, and we also have a power to donate to advisory services such as the Tadley Citizens Advice Bureaux. We make other smaller donations to charitable organisations that provide services to local people.

We have carried forward the funding set aside for the Granary repairs because it was put to the Parish Council that a new home should be sought for the Granary. No decisions have been made at this stage but we were compelled to look into this suggestion, and while we have yet to put this to the public it would not have been sensible to spend the money. If the Parish Council, with support from the village, decides to move the Granary to more solid ground and release the parish council from the ongoing liability, we may be called upon to assist with the removal costs. If the Granary stays, we will go ahead with the repairs.

For and on behalf of Bramley Parish Council, November 2011

Expected Income and Expenditure for the year 2012-2013

Income 2012-2013

Projected carry-over from 2011 (c)




General Grant


Total funds 2012-2013 (a, b, c)


Litter Clearing Grant


Grass cutting grant


Allocated funds

Allotment rents


Standard Expenditure (see chart)


Interest on accounts


Grants and charitable donations




Community Wellbeing Fund (see chart)


Income (a)


Total expenditure


Earmarked Reserves from 2011 budget

Would give a closing balance (reserve*)


Allotments yr 1 contribution


*This is the forecast sum we would take forward into 2013

Granary repair/relocate


SLR/CSW equipment (traffic speed devices)


General Fund


Earmarked reserves (b)



Frequent questions answered:~

Parish Councils are not party-political and they are not bound by the restrictions being placed by the Government on other tiers of local authority to cap their budgets. However, the increase we made last year has put us in a much better position to face the future, and it has not been necessary to further increase the demand this year.

Parish Councils have several Powers and Responsibilities, and also few Duties –legislation dictates that we must regularly assess and facilitate our Duties. The provision of burial grounds and allotment gardens are two of the main duties of a Parish Council. The burial ground is running out of space, and we must address this problem within the next few years. We understand that while some villagers may view the expenditure on allotment gardens to be of limited value to the majority of residents, if we wish to satisfy the Secretary of State that the close local synergy with the burial ground and St. James’ Church makes the current allotment location ideal for future burial ground, we will need to demonstrate a commitment to preserve allotment facilities elsewhere within the Parish.

We are directed by legislation on the amount we are able to offer as grants and donations, under what is known as the ‘free resource’. This is calculated depending on the number of residents within the parish, and for Bramley amounts to £18,480. We have not budgeted this much, but allowed £10,000 to assist local causes.

In 2012 there will be an opportunity to become a part of your Parish Council, as our current four-year term comes to an end. There will be more information about this in the New Year, so if you are interested in becoming a Councillor there will be guidance available about how to stand for election.

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