Bramley Parish Council has resolved to raise the precept for this coming year after debate at the recent Parish Council meeting. This decision was made reluctantly following 6 years of no increase to the overall precept, and therefore a drop in precept charge to all households.

The total precept requested will be £80,000 – a £15,000 increase on 2017/18. £4,000 of this increase is due to development in Bramley, and has no impact on how much is paid per household. The remaining £11,000 extra will mean a £6 per year per household increase in a Band D property – which accounts to a 16% increase in the portion of the Council Tax that is allocated to your Parish Council.

The precept charge will still be less than it was in 2012/13, after which the Parish Council made a 24% cut to the overall level.

The current situation within the parish sees a number of factors that contribute make this situation necessary:-

  • Continuing cutbacks from our Borough and County Councils mean that more and more initiatives have to be made by the Parish Council in order to make things happen quickly or even at all. In the last two years, the Parish Council has seen over £6,000 of grant funding cut by the Borough Council, with a further £2,000 due to disappear after 2018-19.
  • The Parish has seen a substantial increase in illegal encampments; Bramley currently has 18% share (498 days since 2013) of the total borough – wide issue. This has become a major concern to local residents and the Parish Council has funded significant actions to clear-up and defend against future events. In the last year, expenditure on this issue alone will come to over £16,000. This work is likely to continue given the weak rules and regulations that Councils have to work within.
  • The significant funding support of our community facilities and events is ongoing – Clift Meadow and the Village Hall have received grants from the Parish Council in the last year totalling over £20,000.
  • The repair to Parish and Community facilities due to Anti-Social Activities has also seen an unwelcome increase in spending.

All of these activities cost money, some unplanned; but we believe that the Parish Council does and will continue to provide value for money in making Bramley a place where we all want to live.

If you are concerned with this rise in Council Tax, then we always encourage residents to take part in our monthly meetings – come and have your say!

Below you will find PDF's detailing the agreed budget for the period of 2018-2019 along with a copy of the 2016/2017 Audit figures.

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Download this file (budget_2018-19_final.pdf)Budget Forecast2018 - 2019421 kBSun, 28 Jan 2018 21:55:55

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