Follow up Email to MP Ranil Jayawardena on Local Housing Development

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Below you will find a copy of a follow up email sent on March 16th 2016 by Cllr. Malcolm Bell, Vice Chair of Bramley Parish Council to our local MP Ranil Jayawardena. This was a follow up to Email to MP Ranil Jayawardena on Local Housing Development.

A PDF version of the email can be downloaded at the bottom of the article page.

Dear Ranil,

It is near on a month since I sent you an e mail requesting your support in Central Government concerning the way that the Inspectors are turning down appeals. Within this month we have had the 50 houses on Strawberry Fields accepted even though we presented an Independent Flood report concerning the field. Last week, then there was a further 65 been accepted on the Street/Cufaude Lane in spite of residents objections and our presentation listing all the issues facing Bramley with the lack of infrastructure to cope with the extraordinary growth. With the 200 at Minchens, then in close proximity to the settlement boundary, we have including the British Legion site, 325.

The recommendation again from planning officers was to accept the application because it would cost BDBC money if they rejected it and it went to appeal and it would inevitably get accepted at appeal because it contributes to the housing shortage, the NP is not at a stage to be seriously considered and the lack of the 5 year land availability. All the developers quote is the NPPF paragraphs and planning officers are scared to recommend going against this policy even though it is destroying villages without any improvement in the infrastructure.

We are battling here in Bramley to keep Bramley as a nice place to live, to give the residents the quality of life they are entitled to, what they deserve, but are not seeing any support from you in lobbying Central Government to avoid the extraordinary growth the likes of Bramley are seeing without the infrastructure improvements.

Bramley as we know it and came to live here is being destroyed because of the attitude of Central Government repeatedly rejecting appeals against development in excess of the local housing requirement, with Planning Officers recommending acceptance of housing developments because experience is telling them they will get accepted if it goes to appeal with no consideration being given to the existing residents We need support.

Thank you
Look forward to your reply
Malcolm Bell
Vice Chair Bramley Parish Council


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