Minutes of Neighbourhood Planning Meeting, 10th April 2013

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Minutes of Neighbourhood Planning Meeting

held in the Bramley Room of the Village Hall on 10th April 2013, at 7.00pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Malcolm Bell (Acting Chair), Tony Durrant

Steering Committee Members present were:

Ian Crossley, Andrea Ede, James Hare, Louise Hayling, David Hornblow, Paul Jenkin, Dawn Jennings, Karen Readman, Frank Salisbury, Malcolm Knowles, Lucy Wilkinson, Katie Tottenham.

Consultant present:

Community Planning Advisor from Planning Aid, Stella Scrivener


ITEM          COMMENT                        


1.0             Apologies          

                  Bruce Ansell, George Zaidmann, Roger Marsh (No show: - Sian Davies, Joanne Shearing, Henrietta Pullan)

 2.0             Introduction of Members of the Steering Group

                   Each member of the Steering Group present introduced themselves giving a resume of their background. This information is on the attached appendix.


3.0             Presentation by Stella Scrivener from Planning Aid.

                   Power Point presentation given by Stella on the Neighbourhood Planning Process, the statutory requirements and the importance of Project Planning.

                   Questions after and during the presentation tended to be concentrated on the Housing Developments likely in Bramley. It was explained that at this stage, the Local Plan being prepared by BDBC has not been finalised and that if any allocation of housing is eventually made to Bramley, then it is likely that the allocation would be through the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) cannot influence the no of houses allocated but can decide where and the style of housing, in line with the wishes of the community. Although the NP is led by the Parish Council, it is the views and wishes of the community, analysed by the Steering Committee who then suggest solutions to the issues which are fed back to the community, amended as required and finally accepted that is the basis of the NP.

                   It was pointed out that housing is not the only issue that can be addressed through the NP.

                   Stella pointed out that Funding would be available subject to a satisfactory application to Locality from the 1st May and a Project Plan being in place.

                   Also, Planning Aid would be available through Stella or one of the other Planning Advisors to guide the Steering Committee through producing the NP up to the stage of the Independent Examination.

                   A copy of the Power Point Presentation has been forwarded to members of the Steering Group for study.


                   Stella left the meeting early to return to Essex there being no further queries at this stage.


4.0             Terms of Reference for the Steering Group

                   All those present having had a copy of the Draft TOF via e mail had no queries. The Draft TOF to be presented to Parish Council for approval.


5.0             Projects to be included within the NP

   It was pointed out that a considerable amount of work and analysis had gone into the Parish Plan the results of which were due to be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on the 15th April. This was an Independent Survey made via a questionnaire to all households within Bramley Parish. The questions were directed to find out what the residents liked and disliked about Bramley, and what they wanted it to be like in the future. The Survey which has taken considerable time in analysing  could be an excellent indication to the steering committee as to what are the main issues facing the residents of Bramley Parish, and from the survey it should be able to prioritise projects. It was therefore suggested that it would be advisable to await the results of the survey so that there is no duplication of effort in finding out what the residents want Bramley to look like in years to come, and be a starting point of producing a NP.

  (Bramley Parish Plan, Cllr Claire Penfold) 

M Bell advised that he would endeavour to get a copy of the survey for the next meeting so that the steering committee could be broken into Forums to concentrate efforts on particular issues highlighted. Hopefully copies would be available to the Steering Group before the next meeting to be able to analyse.

Suggestions were made that the NP could include, i) Infrastructure for Community Well Being,  ii) Traffic Management and Community well-being, including Reduction in Traffic Volumes and Speeds, and Sufficient on-site parking in New Developments,  iii)Community Facilities for vibrant community,  iv)well developed and designed building,  v) protecting and improving Local Green areas.

These were only suggestions to open minds to the possibilities of issues that might be included in the NP. The plan can be as little or as large as the community feels.


6.0             Communication Procedures

                   The NP has to be independent of the Parish Web site. It is in hand to investigate the procedure to set up a separate web site dedicated to NP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            M Bell, C Wright (Parish Cllr)


7.0             Project Planning

                   It was decided to try to set up a Draft Project Plan for the next meeting. It being available prior to further workshop day on NP at BDBC on the 7th May, being presented by Planning Aid (Stella Scrivener), then Stella would be in a position to examine the plan and advise as to its suitability. The Plan to include the Financial Implications.

 Members of the Group volunteered to look into this stage of the Plan                                                                                                                                        M Bell, Lucy Wilkinson, Frank Salisbury


8.0             Next Meeting

                   Wednesday, 8th May at 7.0pm in the Bramley Room, Village Hall


                   At the next Meeting, the setting up of the Expectations for the Plan should  be defined, The Vision for Bramley.


There being no other business, meeting closed at 9.15pm



Chairman ................................................................................................Date.................................



Members of the Steering Group attending the Workshop on the 7th May, 2013

Dawn Jennings

Karen Readman

Bruce Ansell

Louise Hayling

Malcolm Bell

Draft Agenda Attached














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