Minutes of Neighbourhood Planning Meeting, 12th June 2013

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Minutes of Neighbourhood Planning Meeting

Held in the Committee Room of the Village Hall on 12th June 2013, at 7.00pm.


Parish Councillors present were:

Malcolm Bell (Chair), Tony Durrant, Janet Grieve.

Steering Group Members present were:, Andrea Ede, Louise Hayling , David Hornblow,  Malcolm Knowles, Lucy Knowles, Bruce Ansell, George Zaidmann, Henrietta Pullan, Katie Tottenham.



1.0               Apologies: Karen Readman, James Hare, Richard Wood. It was noted that Sian Davies and Joanne Shearing (Little Apples) had resigned from the group.


2.0               Minutes of the last Meeting. No issues with the minutes.


3.0          Election of the Vice Chair of the Steering Group.  Tony Durrant was voted on unanimously.


4.0          Report on the Neighbourhood Planning Web Site.

The site has been set up by Cllr Chris Wright and there was positive feedback on its development from the group. It will include, among other content, all minutes and agendas. There are no attendant costs as yet. www.bramleyndp.org.uk


5.0          State of Play of the Application to Locality for Support and Financial Funding.

Malcolm Bell reported that support from Planning Aid, via Stella Shrivener, had been approved for 8 months through to March 2014. Also, funding applied for of £3,218 had been approved and will contribute towards hall hire, leaflet publications, work days and preparation of the draft plan. 90% of funding will be paid up front with the balance being retained pending completion of the draft plan. Money would be paid into the parish council’s account, with a separate book kept. The group would be able to apply for further support after February 2014.


6.0          The Draft Project Plan.

Malcolm Bell had met with Bethan Bramley (Basingstoke & Deane) and following the Day Seminar (‘Are you ready for Neighbourhood Planning?’)  Justin Williams, the consultant on the day, had provided comments pertinent to our Project Plan. In discussion with Bethan, it was agreed that the project plan be edited to include an extended period for community involvement and that the referendum will be pushed back to Nov. /Dec. 2014 so that there is no clash with the BDBC Local Plan. Those members who lead on particular topics will be noted.


7.0          Listing of Issues facing Bramley, as seen by analysis of the Initial Survey Results

Malcolm Bell expressed thanks to all those who had distributed questionnaires. Neighbourhood Watch Co-Coordinators had sent out email reminders to those on their patch and reminders had been posted on Facebook and Google.  200 replies had been received (some joint) which was 10% of the total. At least one respondent had queried why another questionnaire was being sent out so soon after the one for the Parish Plan.

Key areas highlighted included the figures for Level 10:

Safety & Security: 60% +

Environment: 58%

Housing: 50%

Medical Services: 48%

Communication: 42%

Transport: 40%

Recreational facilities came out with variable responses and Education and Employment provided the most variable results.

When analyzed by occupancy (i.e. 2 persons > 5 (businesses), Housing remained a high priority with high occupancy. Transport, Safety & Security and Medical scored highly across all groups. For Recreation there was low interest for those from higher occupancy. Education scored highly for the high occupancy group.

One member queried if these results could be correlated with those from the census. Malcolm Bell suggested that the Parish Plan findings could help contribute to an overall result.

Other findings included: Communication results were influenced by the ‘fast broadband’ issue; Employment returns were highest from Cufaude Lane; it would appear that the majority work outside Bramley.


7.1 The Parish (Village) Plan.

The results of the Village Plan have been made available to the Steering Group by Claire Penfold, the leader on the Village Plan. The questionnaire for the Village Plan had 612 returns, of which 456 used pre-paid envelopes, a point to bear in mind for further questionnaires. 1629 questionnaires had been delivered. It was queried whether owner occupiers were more likely to respond than those in other forms of housing. A calculation revealed that there was 75% private ownership in Bramley with 17% and 7% representing rented and social accommodation respectively.

A powerpoint presentation prepared by Claire Penfold of results was shown to the Steering Group. Feedback and discussion included: comments on electricity outage; satisfaction with communications; development of existing (village hall) facilities preferred; need for enforcement of 30mph limit; ‘keep Bramley as a village’ re new developments; varied responses to street lighting; road surfaces/potholes; parking issues e.g. Bramley station; mobile phone reception and broadband quality.


8.0 The Next Steps

Malcolm Bell proposed that steering group members should now look closely at key areas and bring issues together. The information from the initial survey of the Neighbourhood Plan plus that from the Village Plan should be analysed to highlight the issues as seen by the community.

Cllr Tony Durrant (as Chair of the PC Planning Committee) gave an update on housing development at borough and parish levels. He reported that the borough plan envisaged 748 new houses per annum across the borough over a 15 year period. Designated sites in Bramley were at Razor’s farm and Upper Cufaude Farm. Bramley may be allocated 200 homes. The plan will be open to consultation from the end of August to 4th October this year and adopted in the summer of 2014.

He made it clear that NDP groups cannot influence these numbers, but can help shape the plans. Site assessments have already been done on Minchens Lane and Strawberry Fields and more needs to be done in respect of maintaining open spaces and providing environmental improvement.


Following discussion, it was agreed that 3 groups, each with a lead person and 2 supporters would be set up to analyse current responses in detail and make recommendations towards the draft plan:


Environment: Louise Hayling; Henrietta Pullan; Katie Tottenham

Transport (to include parking): George Zaidmann; David Hornblow; James Hare

Safety & Security: Bruce Ansell; Malcolm Knowles, Lucy Knowles


There being no other Business, the meeting closed at 9.05pm.


The next meeting to be the 9th July. Cross House will be looked at as an alternative venue.


Minutes prepared by Peter Hayes on behalf of Cllr Malcolm Bell, Chairman Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.



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