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Basingstoke Gazette article - 11th December 2014

The Parish Council wish to communicate the following comment on the Basingstoke Gazette article on page 14 of the edition dated 11th December 2014. (A link to an online version can be found at the bottom of this page).

The headline of this article is


This article reports on a new housing development application approved by BDBC for Bramley adjacent to Minchens Lane..

There is a significant error in the article.

Cllr Ranil Jayawardena did NOT speak against the proposed development.

Mr Ranil Jayawardena declared that he was speaking as a resident of Bramley with a pecuniary interest, i.e. a property close to the development site. 

He stated he was not speaking in his capacity as a Councillor therefore he did not speak as Borough Council Deputy Leader nor as one of Bramley's ward Councillors as the article reports. After speaking as a resident he left the meeting and took no further part in the proceedings. 

We believe that the article misrepresents the facts and could mislead residents of the ward into thinking that one of their Borough Councillors spoke out against the development at the decision making meeting.

An online version of the article (17th December 2014) can be found here:

"Green light for plan to build 200 new homes in Bramley"

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