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Verge & Hedge Trimming

Concerns have been raised by residents recently about the level of vegetation on verges and pavements around the parish. Areas of particular concern were the pavement along Sherfield Road from Bramley Green to Campbell Road, and the verges along Cufaude Lane.

A number of requests were submitted to HCC Highways, both via the HCC website and directly with the Head of Highways for North Hampshire. In the meantime, the Parish Council had the Parish Lengthsman on standby to do some of the more urgent work if Highways were unable to give definite dates.

HCC Highways have now responded to the Parish Council’s requests. Essentially, the verge cutting for North Hampshire is happening now, although they were unable to give a schedule of when Bramley is due to be done. This means that it might happen tomorrow, or next month. However, it is coming, and soon.

Highways have confirmed that where there is a direct safety issue, the work will be done very quickly. Therefore, overhanging vegetation along the pavement on the Sherfield Road from Bramley Green Road up to Campbell Road should be addressed within the next week.

The Parish Council has also contacted the Head of Highways with more over-arching issues – namely, getting verges cut more than once a year, and also issues with the Campbell Road roundabout. There has been no response as yet to these issues, but the Parish Clerk is chasing Highways and will give an update once more information is forthcoming.

Maxta Thomas

Parish Clerk

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