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Traveller Update - 15th August 2017

Bramley Parish Council have been made aware of a number of issues with the travellers at Bramley Green Road, and are liaising closely with both the police and with officers at Hampshire County Council, who own the land in question. 

A notice to quit order was served by Hampshire County Council last week, and the travellers should have left by midday on Saturday 12th August.  They did not.  The Parish Council reported to officers at HCC on Monday 14th August  that the travellers were still in situ, and they are visiting the site today (15th August).  Thereafter, the PC has been informed that HCC will need to follow due process and obtain the necessary court order to evict the travellers. 

This could take around 3 weeks.  Pressure is being brought to bear on HCC by both the Parish and Borough Councils, to try and speed up the process. 

The police are also aware of the situation, and are monitoring the site very closely.  Unfortunately, they can do nothing to move the travellers on until the necessary court order is in place.  

The Parish Council are keeping a close eye on the site and on any enforcement action carried out by HCC.  Unfortunately, the PC is not in a position to act directly, as it is not the landowner in this instance.  However, please be assured that the PC is making every effort to get the issue dealt with as quickly as possible.

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