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Roadworks on The Street

Important Notice - Roadworks on The Street 03/10/2018

Householders living along The Street where the recent road dressing and resurfacing has taken place received a letter notifying them of the final stages of the works.  Please find below a summary of the work involved and important guidance.

As you have noticed, the road along the street has been 'surface dressed'.  This is the first coating in a two stage process.  The next coating is called "Lockdown".  This is a bitumen based product that will seal in the coating that was previously applied to stop loose chippings and also to prolong the life of the road.

After the application of "Lockdown", the bitumen will take approximately 30 minutes to set.  During this time, no traffic is allowed onto the applied product to allow it to set. 

The "Lockdown" coating will be applied between 09:30 and 15:00 on 3/10/2018

To help complete the work with minimal inconvenience to you, please follow this advice:

  1.  Please do not park on the road, or be prepared to move your car until the surface has been dressed.
  2. Please keep children and pets away from the road - for safety and cleanliness.
  3. Check your shoes before entering your car or your home.

 If you have any problems or queries, please contact RMS LTD on 01925 752165

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