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Vyne Road - Deteriorating

Cllr Rhydian Vaughan MBE, our County Councillor contacted Hampshire Highways back in late January to obtain an update on the state of Vyne Road and the proposed repairs.  Hampshire Highways have since written back to say they are aware that Vyne Road is deteriorating and it was set to be included in a haunch strengthening programme as part of Operation Resilience.

Note:  The haunch is the edge of the carriageway where the road meets the earth.   Haunch strengthening involves digging out part of the earth and replacing with road materials to give added strength to the sides of the road.

The high water tables have delayed the start of the work scheduled in Operation Resilience as this would affect the materials to be used.   Whilst Hampshire Highways cannot give an indication as to when the works can be carried out, it has been stressed Vyne Road is a top priority in this area.    A prioritised request for a handful of pothole type repairs and two hot patching jobs has been requested and Hampshire Highways are currently awaiting firm dates for these repairs to be carried out. 

Hampshire Highways are aware of the condition of Vyne Road and have taken steps to mitigate some of the issues.

Any further updates from our Borough Councillor or Hampshire Highways will be published as and when we receive them

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