Roadworks Notices: 2nd January 2019

A33 Reading Road A33, Chineham, Hampshire

02 January — 16 June


Delays likely Road closure


Works location: approx 300m on each section of the A33 Reading Road, Lillymill Chine close to jct with Long Lane, Reading Road/Chineham


Works description: Junction improvement and capacity enhancement at the A33/Thornhill Way junction. Majority of the works will be carried out under lane closure/narrow lanes, but surfacing works towards the end of the works will require road closures.


Responsibility for works: Hampshire


Current status: Advanced planning


Works reference: FF100CJ008693/B



A33 Reading Road, Church End, Sherfield-on-loddon, Hampshire

02 January — 08 January


Delays likely Traffic control (two-way signals)




Works description: TURGIS GREEN 584164 - To Demolish a Jointing Chambers F/W No: 111 joint box and Rebuild a joint box in VERGE


Responsibility for works: Openreach


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: BC005MU1WSEP00IBWCP3UM01



The Street, Bramley, Hampshire

03 January — 07 January


Delays possible Traffic control (two-way signals)


Works location: Junction of Cufaude Lane to Opposite and to O/S Pippin House


Works description: Excavate approx 8m of C/W to install new GTC network


Responsibility for works: INDEPENDENT FIBRE NETWORKS


Current status: Planned work about to start


Works reference: UX00118GTC204 

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