Parish Council Grants - 2019/2020

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Over the last year, the Parish Council has given a number of grants to local organisations and projects.  The bulk of the income we receive is the Parish precept, which is gathered on our behalf by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council via your council tax.  Whilst some of this covers the Council’s day to day costs, the rest is put straight back into the community.  The grants given out in 2019-20 are as follows: 

  • Bramley Youth Club - £9928 for the Youth Workers’ salaries
  • Little Apples – £1000 towards a new play surface
  • Bramley Cricket Club - £3500 towards the cost of a new cricket pitch roller
  • Cross House - £4466 towards a new floor cleaner and an update to the fire safety equipment
  • Clift Meadow Pavilion - £2998 for new security gates
  • Bramley School Association - £1200 towards the 2019 fete
  • Victim Support - £100 towards costs in supporting Bramley residents
  • Bramley Speedwatch - £202 for insuring equipment
  • Tadley Citizens Advice - £1500 towards costs in supporting Bramley residents
  • Bramley School Association - £1500 towards the school fireworks event
  • Piam Brown Ward, Southampton Hospital - £500 donation in memory of Oliver Ward
  • Muddy Fingers - £500 for an extension to their growing space
  • Community Speedwatch - £922 for additional equipment 

We are also supporting Bramley organisations and residents through the current Covid-19 crisis.  Grants so far this year (2020-21) are: 

  • Bramley Volunteers - £80 for the cost of the Covid-19 information sheet
  • Bramley Food Bank - £500 towards either food vouchers or school uniform vouchers for those family suffering financial hardship as a result of the lockdown
  • Little Apples - £181 per week for hall rental.  Little Apples are continuing to open for the children of key workers, and have seen a significant drop in their income as a result.
  • Little Apples - £400 towards the cost of a replacement fence around the play area
  • Tadley Citizens Advice - £1000 towards the cost of setting advisers up with home working.  Citizens Advice offer invaluable services to a number of Bramley residents, and of course, the wider community

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